Special features



The Global Splicer (GS) is designed for welding splices in the mid-sized cross-section range of up to 40 mm² or 50 mm². Despite their expanded cross-section range, these devices are constructed to be both compact and robust.

Further cross-sections and applications are possible - please contact us.


  • Automobiles
  • Construction equipment
  • Transportation
  • Household appliances / white goods


Aluminium inline splices

End or butsplicing

Inline splices

Cascade welding (aluminiu-copper-connections)

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Special features:

  • CE-conform (Plus Version)
  • Windows 7 operating system
  • Self-explanatory user interface (Office like)
  • Touchscreen monitor (optional)
  • Comprehensive process monitoring and documentation
  • Network compatible
  • Linkable to superordinate ERP systems, e.g. customer-specific wire harness production
  • Dynamic adjustment of target values and statistics functions
  • Welding chamber illumination (optional)
  • Improved splice setup via insertion aid (ASSK)
  • Designed for table setup 
  • Numerous table variations are optionally available
  • Plug & Play functionality due to integrated ID chip
  • High-precision digital position-measuring system for recording splice geometries
  • Ultra- rapid sequence welding
  • Cross section range 1,5 mm² to 50 mm² 
  • Various user levels and access management via key switch
  • Suitable for Al, Cu wires and cascade welding