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Appearing on the scene in 2011, the DS20-II was a quantum leap in wire-harness production:
For the first time it became possible to weld wires with cross sections of up to 120 mm² to terminals. The possibilities include, for example, the connection of Cu and/or Al wires with different contact parts with a precision that is unique for this area of application.


Copper cable to contact to power supply in low voltage range

Aluminium cable to brass contact

Aluminium cable to brass contact with rotating nut

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  • Cross-section range of 6-120 mm²
  • Generator power 4/6 kW
  • Frequency 20 kHz
  • Applications: connecting, for example,  Cu and/or Al wire with different contact parts
  • Comprehensive recording of process data
  • CE conform
  • Modular, flexible and adaptable design
  • Rapid change oscillator unit 
  • Insulation crimp / bad-splice cutter
  • Integration into automated production lines