Schunk Sonosystems techniques

With these techniques you can realize all economically significant joining tasks.

Spot Welding

The most common application for ultrasonic metal welding is so-called spot welding. Here the size of the welding spot can range from a few square millimeters to 100 square millimeters.

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Roll Seam Welding

With roll seam welding a linear continuous metallic seam weld is produced. Typical applications include solar thermal power, photovoltaics and composite pipes production.

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Bending Vibration

Bending horns are often used for welding spots which are difficult get at or reach. In contrast to a standard sonotrode, which produces longitudinal oscillation, the bending sonotrode is induced to generate flexural oscillation in the center by the vibrating oscillator system.

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Why you need ultrasonics from Schunk Sonosystems

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  • Very energy-efficient and short welding process
  • Very little heat input into the component
  • High reproducibility 
  • Comprehensive process control with reliable recognition of welding errors
  • Outstanding electrical properties of the joint
  • Welding of diverse material combinations e.g. Cu & Al, glass - metal
  • Highest global safety standards
  • Low investment, operating and maintenance costs