Special features



The FX20-L is suitable for ultrasonic welding of power electronics (e.g. IGBT modules) or cell contacting systems (battery applications). The machine is a semi automated system.


Schunk Sonosystems

Special Features:

  • Ultrasonic welding head: 20 kHz (35 kHz available on demand), embedded adjustment and quick change solution for welding tools
  • Working Area (x-y-table and rotation axis): x-axis: 250 mm, y-axis: 400 mm, rotation: 360°; special designed axis systems equipped with brake systems for maximum stiffness while welding process, resistant to ultrasonic vibrations
  • Accessibility in z-direction (sonotrode): max. 62 mm
  • Patented dynamic process control: monitoring of power and height curve, adjustable tolerances for welding time, heights and deformation for each welding point
  • Customized optional features: e.g. pattern recognition system, DMC reader, measurement- und calibration station